Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Alifinder Team

In this article we will try to explain to you how to navigate on the Aliexpress website – how to find the right seller, supplier, product you like, or store by number and name. As you know, Aliexpress is not an online store, but a trading platform on which there are a great many small stores, the search of which is not always easy and simple.

If you have already worked with any store located on the Aliexpress site and you liked the quality of the goods and the service, in the future you will want to buy these goods from only one seller. Being a buyer of the same seller is also justified from the point of view of economy – regular customers are always given good discounts, more guarantees that you will not be deceived and slipped on poor-quality goods, you will not have to spend time searching for the right things.

In this case, it is easiest to bookmark or add the store’s page to your favorites – so you can easily and quickly find the store or product you need. If you didn’t do this, the search for a store by name becomes more complicated, but not so much as to search for another supplier.

Please note that on the Aliexpress website, under the seller’s rating, there is a button: “Add to Favorite Stores” – you click it and the store will appear in your Personal Account on Aliexpress. Gradually, you will have several “Favorite shops” in which you will become a regular customer, and you will not have to search them again each time.

If you no longer need this store on Aliexpress, and you intend to remove it from your favorite list, click the “Cart” button, and then the “Delete” button.

Well, if you don’t have any bookmarks or a list yet, you can find a store by name like this: open Google Search, enter in the search engine “site: + seller’s name”. For example, you need to find a GoTop Smartphone store, which means the request will look like this: “site: GoTop Smartphone”.

Click Search, you will see the desired store among the first answers of the search. Now you just have to click on it and get on the store page, and then add it to your favorite list.

Shop on Aliexpress can be found not only by name, but also by number. Each store has this design:, and to find it by number, you need to put this number after the word store. Paste the resulting design with the number into the search engine, and press Enter or Search.

If this is your first time at Aliexpress and you don’t know yet which seller to contact, pay attention to the rating. On this site, the rating of each store is determined by medals, diamonds or crowns. So, stores of the first level are awarded with medals, the second level – with diamonds, the third, highest – with crowns.

If you see crowns or diamonds near the store’s name on Aliexpress, then the store has a high rating, customers are satisfied with the quality of the goods and the service, the seller works in good faith, and you can safely place an order. New stores may not have any awards at all, or there may be, but few – this does not mean at all that the seller is unscrupulous, and you can take a chance and make an order with him. Or find a high-rated store on Aliexpress.

Not everyone knows that on Aliexpress you can add to your lists not only your favorite stores, but also create a wish list, or a list of your favorite products that you still cannot buy.

You liked the product, and the seller’s rating is quite high, but there is no money to buy it. In this case, you need to add it to the wish list, and then compare – are there similar products in other stores on Aliexpress, and how much do they cost? When the price changes, the store notifies you of this. Perhaps by the time you can purchase a product from the wish list, it will already be cheaper.